Wilderness Awaits in New Brunswick

A Canadian Maritime province, New Brunswick is home to 747,000 people and encompasses an area of 73,000 km. Anglo and Celtic heritage is strong in New Brunswick, and the population consists of primarily English speaking residents.

The province’s original name was New Ireland before it was renamed New Brunswick.

New Brunswick

A once thriving province, New Brunswick was once filled with businesspeople and U.S. presidents journeying to the province to enjoy time outdoors. There’s an ongoing joke in the province that tourists just drive through New Brunswick as they head to popular Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.

The province, while falling into somewhat obscurity in recent decades, is still home to beautiful snowy mountains, Acadian villages and unspoiled wilderness. The rivers are also teeming with marine life and perfect for a day of adventure.

Top 3 Sights to See

1. Beaverbrook Art Gallery

The Beaverbrook Art Gallery was gifted by Lord Beaverbrook and is offers an exceptional collection of art. The exhibit is open daily and includes art from some the most well-known names in the world:

  • Freud
  • Dali
  • Turner

There are numerous Canadian artists with works in the collection, too.

2. Roosevelt Campobello International Park

Spend time in a historic park that’s 1,100 hectare with the park’s biggest attraction the Roosevelt Cottage on display. The cottage was home to the U.S. President Franklin D Roosevelt who lived at the 34-room lodge growing up.

The Hubbard House is nearby, too.

Trails leading to beaches and nature trails are present in the park, but it’s been kept pretty much in its natural state.

3. Minister’s Island

A beautiful tidal island, the island was once a retreat for the world’s elite, but now you can tour the island, too. There is the Covenhoven, 50-room cottage as well as a tidal swimming pool and a barn large enough to be called a chateau.

The island floods during high tide, so you must visit during low tide.

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