Ontario: Go Beyond Niagara Falls

Home to 40% of Canada’s population, Ontario is one of the state’s most recognizable provinces. With a four-season climate and a landscape that blurs the line between city and wilderness, Ontario is a favorite destination of tourists.

With more than 250,000 lakes, Ontario houses a fifth of the earth’s freshwater.

The bustling cities of Ottawa and Toronto are rich with vibrant multicultural neighborhoods, offering a vastly diverse range of cuisine, fashion and culture.


Ontario is where Niagara Falls flows, where ice hockey is a religion, and where arts and entertainment bring its vibrant cities to life.

Travelers can enjoy the best of all worlds here, with vast wilderness to explore and cosmopolitan cities to come home to. Whether you’re looking for seclusion or a place to let loose and have fun, Ontario offers something for everyone.

For cultured travelers, the Golden Horseshoe offers a multitude of historic architecture, museums, shopping, restaurants, cultural institutions and nightclubs. Dine on a variety of cuisines, from Latin American to Indian, Chinese, Italian, Thai, Japanese and French.

Those longing for nature can head to Eastern Ontario, where boreal forests mingle with pristine lakes. In Central Ontario, peaceful lakes greet visitors in what the locals call “Cottage Country.” Travel north to Northern Ontario where isolated communities and extensive forests make you forget about civilization.

Southwestern Ontario is home to extensive farmland and quaint villages with welcoming people.

Toronto, Ottawa and Niagara Falls are the top tourist destinations in this province, but Ontario is home to several other great cities, including Hamilton, London, Kingston, Kitchener, Thunder Bay and Windsor.

Hike the Sleeping Giant near Thunder Bay, explore Point Pelee National Park, tour craft breweries, spend the day on a freshwater beach, or travel along the wine road to visit some spectacular local wineries.

Where nature meets culture, Ontario welcomes and excites tourists of every type.

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