Prince Edward Island, Home to Anne of Green Gables

Famed for its ocean-to-table philosophy, Prince Edward Island has more to offer than just a storybook landscape. Largely self-sufficient, this island is as tough as it is beautiful, but it’s small enough to explore by bike or car.

The Confederation Trail still holds its reputation of being one of the best cycling destinations in the world.

Still, book lovers from around the world flock to the island, the place Anne of Green Gables called home. Back when the book was published in 1908, few people had even heard of Prince Edward Island.

The island has embraced its association with the famed novel, as Anne-related attractions pepper the island.

After getting lost in Anne’s world, head out to the island’s beaches and get lost in an entirely new world. Red sandstone cliffs and white-capped waves crash against a calming blue sky. Visitors melt into the warm, smooth sand, leaving their troubles behind.

Whether you’re camping or staying at a local B&B, there are dozens of beaches to explore on Prince Edward Island (PEI).

Before you head back to reality, stop in to Charlottetown, a charming coastal town. What it lacks in attractions it makes up for in its preserved appearance and budding restaurant scene.

Travelers never leave PEI feeling hungry. The island’s rich fertile lands allow tourists to enjoy fresh local food throughout most of the year. From lobsters to shellfish, oysters, fruits, vegetables, meat and dairy, much of the food on PEI comes from its own lands and shores.

Those who want to explore nature can visit the PEI National Park, which spans 60 kilometers. The park is home to the Gulfshore Parkway, Cavendish Beach and Greenwich. The island also offers numerous provincial parks, 26 to be exact.

Ten provincial parks offer campgrounds, while others house some of the island’s most stunning beachfront locales.

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